Saturday, 13 April 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 103 of 2019


More than 24 hours of angst that I can't even write about, yet. I am way behind in terms of catching up with work. I can't even explain the subtleties to my co-citizens. They want me to do many things and be at more than one place at a time, yet don't examine my capacity studiously enough.

Conscientiousness is a rare art in AJK, too fine and refined to digest.

One does have to look at change as a serpentine marathon. 

Goodwill has to be dug out and is rarer than gold most of the time.


As the democracies of India, Pakistan and the UK are not really paying enough attention to public opinion in Jammu & Kashmir, we may as well send a public interest message to an 'undemocratic' China. Some citizens of AJK in the UK are also preparing to demonstrate outside the Chinese Embassy in London. This could be globalisation as we've never witnessed before:

This photo was taken in Muzaffarabad yesterday, outside the sit-in protest at Azaadi Chowk, Muzaffarabad. The 'Save Our Rivers - Save Our Lives' movement is now into its 20th day (It began on the 24th of March). The same Azaadi Chowk where I was prevented from conducting a hunger strike last year, almost to the day (Day 100 of 2018). The police had forced me to accompany them to the police station within minutes of our banner being erected there.

It is important to understand all the dynamics at play here.  

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