Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 156 of 2019


Yes, I am getting sloppy of late in inputting my daily entries. Day 155 of 2019 was again one such error.

Ramadhan was tough but it brought some discipline. The stomach has been refreshed, among a multitude of other health benefits.

I got up early enough for Eid prayer at Eidgaah, Mirpur. The amazing thing is that I could not recognise anybody there and neither did anybody recognise me. 

Eidgaah - F/1 Mirpur

I wanted to pay homage to a deceased warrior of this territory, who I couldn't meet during his lifetime:

Ashraf Qureshi 

The resting place of Ashraf Qureshi

A lot has been written on the 'Ganga Hijacking' of 1971 but some aspects of it are still clouded in mystery. Here's an interesting take in Greater Kashmir's GK Magazine by Arjimand Hussain Talib in 2015:

Hijack that changed history 


The following is a genuine thread in the range of narratives that exist in Jammu & Kashmir. However, not every citizen or activist from the Valley thinks or speaks of AJK activists in this manner. On a personal level, I have received much empathy, support and projection for my work from my co-citizens in the Valley:


On this day of Eid, I have to salute the activists of Gilgit Baltistan and Muzaffarabad respectively for lighting the torch of public interest despite the tendency of the rest of us spending time with family and friends when such a day arrives:

Gilgit Baltistan:

The placards read as:

(This) Eid is dedicated to our political prisoners:

Baba Jaan
Yasin Malik
Shabir Shah

Release them!

B.S.F (Balawaristan Students Front - GB; which is the student wing of Balawaristan National Front)

(end of translation).....


Let me translate the banner too:

(The) 5th of June - World Environment Day

By diverting the rivers of Muzaffarabad

By changing the temperature of Muzaffarabad

By depriving Kashmiris of their environmental rights

What kind of political, moral (ethical) and diplomatic support is this?

Save (our) rivers.....Save (our) lives.....Save (our) Muzaffarabad

(end of translation)   


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