Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 170 of 2019


A lot to consequence to a lot to think about at Azaadi Chowk, Muzaffarabad.

This might be a good beginning:

For those of you interested in government notices (Section 144)...check this out hanging in the vicinity of Azaadi Chowk:

A Warning of Intent

Translated thus:

Notice of Awareness for the Public at Large

The public at large (in general) is informed that under section 144 all forms of public congregation/marches/agitation/protests in the areas around the vicinity of Burhan Wani Chowk (Azaadi Chowk) and the (Central) Press Club are banned, (Irrespective) of whether they are individual or collective and including all forms of public protest. If this notice is contravened (disobeyed) the perpetrators will face proceedings under APC 188.

On the Order of District Magistrate Muzaffarabad 

end of translation....

The following is an ominous depiction of how peaceful protests for fundamental rights on either side of J & K are treated:

The picture on the left of your screen is of Azaadi Chowk in Muzaffarabad and on the right of Laal Chowk in Srinagar.


The 'deep State' is prompt in preempting future congregation at Azaadi Chowk:

Here are some photos of how these changes emerged over the hours:
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This article that I am responding to is from April the 10th and given my work schedule I only got around to responding to it this morning:


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