Friday, 28 June 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 179 of 2019


The way the wind blows.....can be deceptive at times.....

Whenever we are in a dilemma, let's resort to nature for answers:


Now, I was totally unaware of this fascinating piece of information:


There is a growing list of such cases and I would suggest that readers should go through the whole thread to obtain a more thorough understanding of this phenomenon:


Source: Whatsapp
Translation of above text in image:

SHO Kotli Choudhary Meherban along with 7 others arrested!

Some of you may be aware of the phenomenon of precious relic looting and smuggling in AJK. It has been ongoing since the change of governance in 1947 and has invariably involved the local administration or agents of the Pakistani State in conducting the act of excavation, extraction and export from AJK.

Now with the heightened awareness of our public here - primarily on account of the proliferated use of social media - the level of tolerance in us for such looting practices has sharply declined.

Such an example occurred yesterday at Manjaari near Hussainkot in tehsil Rawalakot (district Poonch), at an old graveyard near the remains of an old Hindu mandir (temple). It is reported that the excavation team involved 2 pathans equipped with metal detectors and other technical equipment. They were accompanied (supported) by members of the AJK administration including a senior local government employee and a serving SHO (station House Officer) from Kotli. 

The local public gathered at the scene in large numbers and inquired as to what was being done by the 'excavation team'. They were deflected by being informed that some mere research of an archeological nature was being conducted. However, the locals were not convinced and there are reports that some members of the 'excavation team' were thrashed for their deceit.

It should also be understood that when the Hindus and Sikhs of this territory that became AJK were expelled for belonging to the wrong religion, most had to leave in a hurry. Many of these hapless souls knew that if they carried anything precious with them, they were likely to be robbed on their journey and probably killed too for 'good' measure. They also understood that Muslims tend not to disturb their own graveyards and thus various precious artefacts including murtis (statues) made of precious metal or stone etc. were hastily but securely buried in such graveyards.

This was one such graveyard and this 'excavation team' - we learn - managed to excavate a murti despite all the commotion. As they returned later under the cover of darkness to complete their 'mission'. Under intense public pressure, an FIR (First Information Report) by local police has been lodged against members of the team and even the serving SHO of Kotli has been arrested:

Here's the FIR:


The following news emerging from the LOC in Khuiratta is as disturbing as it is regular and unreported:

It is reported that in the dark hours of last night, members of the Pakistani army stationed at Janjhot Bahadur (a village divided by the LOC in Khuiratta sector) broke into a house and began violently beating all members of the household, including women and children. Apparently, they were accusing all family members of working for the Indian State. They are pleading their innocence whilst also pleading for action to be taken against the members of the Pakistani army allegedly involved.


This could be understood to be a 'nail in the coffin' of Pakistan's self-assumed responsibility for diplomacy on Jammu & Kashmir:

I feel it could be a blessing in disguise as the following sentence from the news report amply indicates:

"According to a report that emanated from Geneva headquarters of the World Body, The News reported that it is being delayed due to ‘intense pressures’ and international politics, the UN officials and international diplomats at the headquarters contented."

So, it should be clear that Pakistan is incapable of representing us. Not just because it has a vested interest and is doing so by muffling the indigenous voices of the territory. No country in the world is willing to disturb its relationship with India for the sake of Pakistan. 

Pakistan is in a deep state of disorientation like never before in its history. This is an opportunity for us - in AJK in particular - to develop ownership building measures (OBMs) that safeguard our narrative and drive us towards making AJK a truly representative territory of Jammu & Kashmir, through gradual institution-building without external interference.


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