Saturday, 15 June 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 166 of 2019


Such is the level of blind allegiance in my territory that at times the following quote from James Jone's book 'From Here to Eternity' rings true:

"The little bit you and me might change the world."

Malloy smiled, "it wouldn't show up until a hundred years after we were dead. We'd never see it."

"But it'd be there."

End of quote...

I have high hopes that technology will bridge that distance from over a century to well within our lifetime. 

All we have to do is work harder to achieve the seemingly impossible viz. Take religious bias out of conflict and governance in Jammu & Kashmir. 

Religious harmony is also the key to avoiding conflict in Hindustaan (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) too. 

The energy generated for hatred of the 'other' can be converted to gaining technical prowess for governance and not least for averting future conflict over water. Which, like a circle brings us back to the conflict over Jammu & Kashmir. 

There is a causal link between religious identity, water conflict and Pax Britannica.

The Indian and Pakistani States may not be effectively communicating with each other at the moment. I think it is more than high time that thinkers and activists throughout the region fill the gap.

For humanity's sake!   

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