Thursday, 11 July 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 192 of 2019


Our people are still a distance away from practicing Ownership-Building Measures (OBMs) despite the desperate need for such, given our conditions.......We are simultaneously very close yet very far from our public interest targets.

Persistence will close the gap.


This vox populi began uploading in Neelam over 2 days ago. It had barely uploaded 50% by this morning. The remaining part uploaded within a couple of hours in Muzaffarabad. The tragedy of the Neelam Valley cannot be adequately explained in just a few sentences. I will write a more lengthy explanation in due course. Yesterday the electricity was absent there from 1230hrs to 2300hrs (10.5hrs). Today, all communication networks were off air for over a couple of hours.

Track 1 is the term being used for the people's reference on matters of public interest, as opposed to the institutional deliberations between AJK, GB or Indian-controlled J & K and India or Pakistan or any combination thereof:


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