Sunday, 28 July 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 209 of 2019


I've reached that stage where my writing should get a lot more internal, intrinsic and introspective of the society that I am operating in. It is perhaps a trait of human nature that whenever anybody exploits us and/or our land/resources, they do so by exploiting our inherent weaknesses. If we continue to falter in addressing our weaknesses, there will be many more Khans, Modis and Trumps who will dance around our aspirations. 

We will continue to play the fool with our own status. Particularly by ignoring those who work tirelessly on our collective behalf by sacrificing their personal aspirations, while we celebrate being played by regional leaders and the international community.

This reverse can and should begin in Sharda:

Fog or low clouds on Kishenganga between rain at Sharda yesterday

People should also understand that any place with such a rich heritage cries out for continuation or revival. Here's just one example:


Contributing to our society's paralysis is this utterly needless blood sport:


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