Sunday, 14 July 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 195 of 2019


71 for 3 are England (my team) chasing 242 for victory against New Zealand to win their first ever Cricket World Cup.

It's not easy at all given New Zealand's superb use of the conditions. They are also seeking their first ever world cup trophy (in one-day cricket).

On a personal level, my loyalties have transformed by 180 degrees since that day in 1992 when I was rooting for Pakistan against England in that final.

This is tense......England made a valiant effort but lost chasing 250 that day. New Zealand are bowling better than Pakistan were then, as they defend 241.

(Update 16/07/19):

I wonder if any of you can recognise the AJK diaspora contingent in this photo. Of course, it was a team effort but the hordes of our co-citizens supporting Pakistan is puzzling in a sense and not just because Norman Tebbit said so! No player from AJK or its diaspora has ever been allowed to play for Pakistan and neither is AJK allowed to field a team for Pakistan's domestic PSL.

Meanwhile, the game of cricket described as above, ended up being the closest match ever, tied after 50 overs and then tied again in the super over. Rules for the competition dictated that the team with more boundaries would be declared victors. England may have won the game and lifted the cup for the first time but New Zealand won most hearts and were gracious in defeat, if indeed the word "defeat" is applicable at all.

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