Monday, 29 July 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 210 of 2019


My morning walk (on an empty stomach) has regained its place as a regular daily feature. 

Now, what irks me most about my people (both people and government in AJK) is our attitude towards waste disposal. Having spent a better part of this past month in Sharda, our enjoyment of the pristine environment is killed by the presence of litter everywhere. 

There is nothing Islamic or human about this:

Garbage dumping on the banks of the Kishenganga

There is also nothing Islamic about the alleged kidnapping of youth by Pakistan's clandestine agencies in Bagrot, Gilgit. These local citizens of GB are protesting the disappearance of 3 youth and are demanding that they be produced in front of a court of law:


Staying with GB, does this not make sense?


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