Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 197 of 2019


A lot of attention has been focused on what happened in Neelam yesterday. The dead and missing count is rising too....


Here's our second clip of 2 series of public opinion on Sharda. This was taken from the business community in all 16 major hubs throughout the valley and district. Here are the names of the hubs in sequence from South to North:

1) Chelhana
2) Baarian
3) Jura
4) Kundal Shahi
5) Athmaqam (district capital)
6) Keran
7) Nagdar
8) Lawaat
9) Diwaarian
10) Chaangan
11) Dudhnial
12) Tejian
13) Dosut
14) Khwaja Seri
15) Sharda
16) Kel


Meanwhile, on AJK's diplomatic front we have this to report from Mashad in Iran:

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Chairman Human Rights Commission AJK-GB and columnist Quayyum Raja attended a peace meeting in Iran's spiritual capital Mashad. 

The meeting was held by Attaq Fikar Farhang Sullah and Doosti Tuesday morning in which the founder of the Iran-based Peace Initiative, Dr. Shah Rukh Arab briefed the meeting on peace efforts. He said that cause of conflict in the Muslim world and its solution must be found and everyone should play their role to restore the image of Islam; which is a religion of peace, love and equality. 

Quayyum Raja said he briefly described the cause of conflict in the Indian sub-continent and suffering of the people but delayed going into details till the next meeting. 

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Khanum Sus Nake, Khanum Masooma Mahmoodi, Afghanistan representative Syeda Tahmeena, Tajik representative Dr. Huma and Dr. Abadullah also described their peace efforts and pledged to continue their work for the noble cause. 

End of report...


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