Monday, 1 August 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 213 of 2022


Day 57 at Maqbool Bhat Shaheed Square - Dadyaal.


My punctuality deficit has decreased to 490 minutes.


I did venture out to the Square in the afternoon once again - after a break of 2 days - to express solidarity with all our political prisoners; including those of JKNAP, JKNSF and others. However, I forgot to take a customary picture on entry.


It is the first day of August, a memorable month over the years for us in Jammu Kashmir & Allied areas (JKA). The number 47 and the words forced, fortification and other less pleasant words come to mind in Dadyaal AJK, at the minute.

Then I decide to transport the above to another social medium, as a tweet:


It is obvious that the Pakistanis have thrown caution to the wind:


The following is an example of how the Pakistanis try to hoodwink the world on Jammu Kashmir:

A Scottish activist - Claire Bidwell - who has been vigorously, sincerely and wholeheartedly campaigning for a just and democratic solution to the 'Kashmir Issue' - effectively soon after India swooped to annex its controlled part of JKA into its federation on August the 5th 2019 - has been spun a yarn by the Pakistanis that if the inhabitants of JKA vote to accede to them, then they will give them the right to be independent, which they argue is otherwise unavailable!

How they've treated us (in terms of trying to control our thoughts to extracting our resources) over the past 75 years is more indicative of their behaviour and intent. Their words have a repetitive pattern to it, viz. promise the world to a people by exploiting their religious sentiments and then exploit their land & resources to your heart's desire. 

This was precisely her question to me:

"Am I right in thinking that in the Pakistan constitution they do say that if there is a bilateral vote they will then give Kashmiris the vote?"

Before I post my response, here is the exact wording of the 'carrot' in question:

Article 257: Provision relating to the State of Jammu and Kashmir

"When the people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir decide to accede to Pakistan, the relationship between Pakistan and the State shall be determined in accordance with the wishes of the people of that State."

My response:

No, that is their spin. What is written is what should be read word for word in Article 257 of the Pakistani constitution. 

It is like saying, you must join us in order for us to allow you to be what you want to be. 

Any sane person would respond by saying that I'd rather be what I am without your interference and why should I take the risk of joining you in order to be what I already am?


Our State was independent before Pakistan invaded us in 1947 and dishonoured an agreement they made with the ruler (Maharajah), who made this agreement to protect his State's independence. 

The Pakistani invasion facilitated the Indian entry which was made under a fresh agreement with the Maharajah which the Indians did not follow through, blaming Pakistan for their interference.

Thus, the inhabitants were straight-jacketed by this British colonial designed railway track, whereby on one side of the track are Indian allegations against Pakistan and on the other side are Pakistani allegations against India. 

These mutual allegations and cross LOC firing have proved a ruse to solidify India and Pakistan's presence in JKA.

20% of the animosity generated between Hindus and Muslims led to India's division and 80% of the animosity generated by India and Pakistan amongst the inhabitants of Jammu & Kashmir has kept our territory divided, to the convenience of India and Pakistan and at our peril.  

This 80/20 railway track designed and implemented by colonial Britain in JKA needs to be understood in order to resolve this well-designed conflict; that immediately and ultimately benefited the United Kingdom, kept India and Pakistan relatively poor and ensured that the people of JKA enjoyed no rights whatsoever for 75 years.




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