Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 205 of 2018


Not for the first time, I have missed out on posting a blog entry for the previous day (in this case Day 204), purely on account of a dismal net service that took over 2 hours to navigate me to this page.

In AJK, we take the absence of governance on the chin every day.

We also spend most of every day working for our public without any expectation of financial reward. Thirteen years ago, I wouldn't have thought I was capable of such an approach but we plug on, dig in and remain confident that the people of this territory will succeed - sooner or later - in our collective ambition to gain recognition in the comity of nations.

There appears no other means of establishing a system of governance here. Without governance, the human tragedies that have multiplied and rippled throughout our public space cannot be averted.

We remain in gestation mode but........will emerge much stronger when our time arrives. 

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