Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 297 of 2018


The following message was written on Whatsapp earlier this evening:

Dear co-citizens of AJK: We have been taught that our forefathers rebelled against a cruel King and attained freedom on this day 71 years ago. Some say that we brought down an individual and gradually ushered in 3 neighbouring armies.

Did we jump from the frying pan into the fire?

Is it time to re-evaluate the basis of our existence?

Can we make a fresh start?


I think so and there's no better way to conceptualise the process than as follows:

Meanwhile, it was with reference to this day that Mahmood Ahmed Musafir had announced some weeks back that he would be bidding farewell to AJK and Pakistan. His intent was clear but despite some hectic fundraising for him, his passport and travel documents are yet to be processed. He continues to camp outside Islamabad Press Club,

Mahmood's Farewell Flyer

The flyer above is translated thus:

Farewell Farewell Azad Kashmir, Pakistan Farewell

I'm (described as) an apostate and traitor if I speak the truth.
Mad is my humble being they say, if I were to lie then my humble being would be a hypocrite.

That's why this humble being is migrating from here.
This humble being will live his life wherever he will find (a civilised) abode.

The public enemy policies of the authorities in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan have forced me to take this step to migrate from Azad Kashmir and Pakistan in the direction of..............towards an unknown destination where I can hide my head.

Where I will be able to produce electricity without a degree and without any of the following (recognised) methods:
Water, diesel, petrol, gas, coal, paraffin oil, atomic power, solar power, dry battery, seawaves, garbage and even without wind, if necessary.

Whilst there are thousands of PHD graduates here and hundreds of thousands of double and triple Masters engineering graduates; yet this country is still bankrupt, mired in a darkness of owing debts upon debts. Why?

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan, Gilgit, Kashmir and in particular Tharpaakar (Sindh) are where the public are deprived of a morsel of food, justice, education and healthcare. Why?

A few families have illuminated abodes while the rest make do in darkness. Why?

Where there is load-shedding (of power supply) and expensive electricity.

Where there is expensive education with a dishevelled curriculum and educational institutions without roofs, protective four walls or toilets.

Where there is unclean common drinking water sources that lead to hepatitis and HIV aids.

Where there is a cruel termite-infested banking system.

Where in practice, there is a different set of laws for the rich and poor.

Where zakat (compulsory alms-giving) and its institutional structure 'Bait ul Maal' (House of Wealth) including schemes such as Benazir Income Support Programme and Health Card, are all a cruel joke at the expense of the poor.

Where young children and women are victims of violent sexual assault.

Where freedom of expression is prohibited.   

Where the United Nations Charter and the constitution of Pakistan are abandoned.

Where farmers, physical labour and creative writers are economically strangulated.

Where the children of those in power are facilitated with permanent occupations (job positions) while the children of the poor are subject to ad-hoc-ism and employment on contract.

These are the enemies of Socrates (5th century BC Greek philosopher).

I repeatedly reject this so-called democracy.


If you have power in your (educational) degrees then produce electricty at Siachin (Glacier).

If you can't do that, then burn your degrees and then..............(Musafir leaves the rest to the reader's imagination)

Mahmood Ahmed Musafir

Contact Numbers:

End of flyer translation....

Note: anything in brackets in the translation above is my emphasis to make the text easier to understand.

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