Sunday, 28 October 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 301 of 2018


I had to embed this extremely touching and emotional message - in Poonchi Pahaari - from a brave young lady living in Indian controlled Jammu & Kashmir, whose paternal grandfather had to flee for his life from Palandri (in what became AJK). Listen to her tearful plea to both India and Pakistan: to stop dividing the people of this territory on the basis of religion. "Let the humanity in us thrive", is her constant cry.

I understand that her name is Romi Sharma - an actress/poet - whose family resides in Jammu.



Investigating Shujaat Bukhari's the 14th of June......The UN Report on Jammu & Kashmir.......Chinese posture since, Indian  posture since and Pakistani posture since.

I'm currently assessing Dr Shireen Mazari's article and speech.

We all need to be as honest as possible and she has made an effort - has read a lot - but is misleading or misinformed on many fronts.


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