Saturday, 27 October 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 300 of 2018


I really liked this tweet for its illustrative effect. It accurately depicts India's tactics to stall any form of meaningful dialogue on Kashmir. 

Now, I've said this many times before and will say it again, that the road to dialogue and cessation of the murder and mayhem that takes place in the Kashmir Valley begins with Pakistani military withdrawal from AJK. India's wrongs do not make Pakistan right.

It is quite correct for citizens of the Kashmir Valley living under Indian occupation to describe today as a black day but Pakistan's gradual dis-honouring of the Standstill Agreement with the Maharajah of Jammu & Kashmir, followed by a full-fledged tribal attack on the State on the 22nd of October, which paved the way for India's entry doesn't make Pakistan's role 'white' in any way.   

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