Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 338 of 2018


Preparing for a humanitarian mission this week. 

I am taking some time out of the winter recess from public activity for this purpose. Exceptions have to be made, despite being at a critical stage of my preparation for the extended version of the Citizen Public Opinion Survey Report - AJK.

It will all unfold in due course. One must remain at peace despite internal commotion of the mind.

Meanwhile, I've developed a 3 hour daily routine of public liaison with an element of regularity now. I aim to stretch it to 5 days a week whereas hitherto it has been intermittent and sans regularity. Hereby I aim to meet citizens who are not familiar with my work and discuss their participation in it. We all have 3 types of resources at our disposal and it is always up to us how we allocate them between private and public interest.

1) Time
2) Mental and physical strength
3) Finance

About 90% of the public cannot or choose not to indulge in the first two with reference to public interest, while about 66% (overall) are willing in some shape or form to contribute financially to any public cause.

Hence, the discussion revolves around the Self-Determination Public Treasury - AJK (English), though in most cases I'm discussing the Urdu version for obvious reasons.   


From Ranjit Singh's Lahore to British India to India & Pakistan's Kartaarpur. Confederacies to centralised suzerainty to nation states constantly at war. So we began each of the last 3 centuries in the region below Jammu and Kashmir.

I'm also exploring the terms thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis, first quoted in the context of Indo-Pak relations at a discussion in Islamabad between an Indian diplomat, a Pakistani journalist (who had technically also inherited state subject status) and me in 2010.

The following 3 features have dominated governance in the region since the power transfer from the departing British Empire in 1947:

1) Religious identity
2) Majoritarian rule
3) Jingoistic nationalism

On a historical note, this wonderful programme by the BBC explaining: Why Switzerland exists is packed with invaluable information for the aspiring citizens of an aspiring soverereign Jammu & Kashmir,  


For the historical record:


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