Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 352 of 2018


Absent-mindedness caught up with me again as I just remembered that I've passed the midnight deadline. I couldn't post an entry on the 16th (Day 350) either as I couldn't trace a signal in that part of the Neelam Valley where we were.

Now, we're back in Muzaffarabad and...


It's getting increasingly harder to keep pace with the world or rather with the increasing amount of information we choose to consume.

One can almost get lost, especially after spending a few days away from 'being online'.

Playing catch-up as I have a lot to say on Sharda:

The following footage is from Sunday the 16th (Day 350)

A North Western angle of Sharda Peeth

Part 1 of 2 videos at Sharda Peeth:

Part 2 of 2 videos at Sharda Peeth:

Then we went in search of another forgotten aspect of Sharda:

The following letter and footage is from Monday the 17th (Day 351):

Letter to DC Neelam - Page 1

Letter to DC Neelam - Page 2
Letter to DC Neelam - Page 3
The original document handed over consisted of 2 pages whereas converting the file into an image file has extended it to 3 pages.

In the absence of the DC, the letter was handed over and discussed with his immediate subordinate AC Athmaqam. Present are 4 members of civil society, AC, SHO and DSP Neelam
Outside the district headquarters in Neelam after our discussion with the administration:


For the historical record:


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