Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 346 of 2018


Its all gelling together it seems. Sometimes even humanitarian efforts have to be described cryptically.

The more familiar you are with me and my work, the easier it will be to decrypt my words.

When humanity is intent and focused on constructing a better future, no amount of wickedness can defend itself.

Meanwhile, this almost unprecedented event took place while we were in the city too:

The people of Muzaffarabad (administrative division as a whole) have been relentlessly chanting slogans of "Hamaarey Darya Bachao" (save our rivers) all the way from their diaspora in the UK to their women on the streets of Muzaffarabad. This water terrorism on the part of Pakistan is symbolised by black flags whenever the public of this territory march on the streets.

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