Friday, 14 December 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 348 of 2018


We want to finish this year on a high. 

There are still some well-wishers who consider that taking my work to the power corriders of the 'West' is the need of the hour. My response - as always - is to make our people confident, well-informed and assertive enough to resolve our collective dilemma of deprived ownership locally. We should seek the means and attributes necessary for the world to notice and recognise us as an independent entity. That isn't possible without implementing OBMs locally.

We cannot piggy-back regional or global agendas and expect to derive benefit for our territory. Capacity-building for conflict resolution must be built locally and within. We cannot prosper as a hollow shell of a civilisation. If you don't own the process of change, you cannot control the outcome. This is what happened in 1947 and we are almost hell-bent on repeating the same.


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