Saturday, 22 December 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 356 of 2018


Taking into account the multitude of thoughts for the betterment of society here is a fine art. Navigating all those emotions and balancing all the sacrifices involved can be daunting and at times stifling too.

With the year almost done, I'm still finding it difficult to adequately summarise my day on this blog. It may have to become my new year's resolution.

Meanwhile, on this day after over 7 months of a sit-in protest outside Islamabad Press Club, Mahmood Ahmed Musafir receives his first visit from a conformist politician of AJK, namely Barrister Sultan Mahmood who lost his Assembly seat in 2016 but retains the leadership of Pakistan's PTI in AJK.

In an upside down system, it might be reasonable to share an occasional video upside down too!

And look at what we have here:

Oh the Pakistani Narrative!

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