Thursday, 7 February 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 38 of 2019


Another 4 hours on the ground today.

In the evening, reading a news story of the Pakistani judiciary warning the army to not meddle in politics was almost enlightening. The words written could not have been framed better. Not even by a critic I suspect.

Then the following twitter feed reminds us of where we stand vis a vis the Pakistani military and politics:


I wrote the following response on facebook to a citizen of AJK, who had in turn received a response from the Pakistani government to a letter he wrote to them to help resolve the unpaid salaries dilemma of many of our citizens (of AJK) working in Saudi Arabia. Considering that this dilemma is mounting for the past few years, instead of the Pakistani government relying on its own data collection institutions, they responded by asking our citizen for lengthy details of all those affected.

We thought that was what they used taxpayer's money to establish embassies throughout the world for.

My facebook comment:

This is a very solid step that proves 2 things: That Pakistani data collection agencies do not have the will or initiative to run statecraft, specifically with reference to AJK and GB. If they are asking us to collect such details, they are effectively outsourcing their own 'assumed responsibilities' and also bypassing the AJK government.

End of comment.

So much for the term, "Pakistani-administered Kashmir".

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