Sunday 24 February 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 55 of 2019


Meaningfully organising what one has done during the day, is also a time-consuming chore at times. Yet it's a necessity in public interest. not least for posterity. 

With less than half an hour to Day 56 of 2019, I still have at least 4 tasks to complete before I sleep. Yet none of them are related to my main priority: Citizen Public Opinion Survey - AJK : Report 2.0 

The latin phrase carpe diem (make the most of today, tomorrow may not come) comes to mind as does an article that I was reading earlier on

Meanwhile, where we've given so much time to the K in J & K, it would be appropriate to feature aspects of the J (for Jammu) narrative, even if it's just an atempt to veer towards balancing the stakes.

Here's a news clip from yesterday entitled, "Jammu Muslims condemn Pulwama attack, say non-locals were involved in violent Jammu protests":

Today, the local administration in Jammu has also spelt out its intent towards miscreants:

It has come to notice that some rumour mongers are spreading rumours of Bandh Call and Curfew in Jammu. People are requested not to pay any heed to rumours. Situation in Jammu is peaceful and there is no such Bandh Call or Curfew planned by administration. To ascertain any unsure information on social media or otherwise, People are requested to confirm same either from DC Office Jammu controls Room or Police Control Room. Rumour mongers will not be spared.

By Order:
District Development Commissioner Jammu, Ramesh Kumar

News source: Jammu Links News (via Whatsapp)

This was my immediate reaction:

There is nothing more valuable in the pursuit of State reformation of J & K, than a stable Jammu.

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