Saturday, 9 February 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 40 of 2019


Have spent more time on the ground in the past few days than at any time in the last month.

We are approaching transition from winter to spring. The sun this afternoon indicated as much.

Four and a half hours today to add to the 4 hours yesterday, the day before that and the day before that.

The collective struggle is running at about 1% of it's capacity. Not until it reaches 51% will it be able to meaningfully engage with the outside world.

We've always been keen to rush our case to the outside world in the hope of gaining sympathy. It will take a lot of further effort and introspection to un-learn that strategy.


Meanwhile, here's a perfect example of the standard Pakistani State narrative on "Kashmir". In it, Pakistan's foreign minister S M Qureshi urges India to "sit and talk".

My immediate response to reading this news story was typed as follows:

I think Pakistan needs to talk to AJK more than any other political entity in the region, if it is genuinely interested in peace.

If you are keen on sitting and talking, then concentrate on representing yourself. Don't insist on talking on somebody else's behalf. It doesn't help, it simply aggravates the issue.


For a variety of reasons, Ladakh (the largest gem of 7 divided pieces of Jammu & Kashmir) is getting enough coverage on this blog. I hope I can beginning addressing this deficiency with the following tweet:


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