Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 44 of 2019


Today was the second court date of the 'Anti-National' case in Kotli. What was most notable from what I gathered, was that Pakistani clandestine agency operatives were hounded out of the court by the accused and their supporters.

Later in the day, it also emerged that internal tension within the JKLF (Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front) reached boiling point and a lot of energy that should be reserved for hounding the occupier out of our territory, was utilised in the character assasination of each other.

This is a familiar pattern. One step forward is usually followed by a few steps back. 

In principle, I refrain from commenting on individuals as well as parties and hence will maintain my silence as an independent researcher.    

What I will say though is that developing a mass political party is not sufficient to deliver us from occupation. Indeed, it is only 1 of 4 categories of struggle that need the public's devotion. Even that one is not being carried out as effectively as it could:

Achieving our due rights in AJK requires struggling on all the four following dimensions, preferably separating each from the other:

1) Politics
2) Research
3) Economy
4) Culture

Meanwhile, the case has been adjourned to the 25th of March.

I couldn't have phrased the following better. I'm elated.


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