Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 101 of 2018


Finally, some rest........


Here's an interview given yesterday afternoon to a journalist in City Thana (police station) - Muzaffarabad, after I was prevented from carrying out public interest activity at Azaadi Chowk.

Earlier, here's the first video of two from yesterday morning.....

Here's the second of 2 videos at Azaadi Chowk:

Two of my assistants on this critical public interest exercise were picked up along with me by the Muzaffarabad police, less than 10 minutes into the hunger strike.

The strike continued there until I felt morally compelled to end it at about 2130hrs...after deep and protracted discussion between local lawyers and local police at City Thana (PS) Muzaffarabad. We will discuss its implications in due course.

Despite a lot of time and effort going into the preparation of this do-or-die exercise - including the letter sent out to various global institutions - my compulsion of absorbing local collective wisdom had to relent one last time.

Hunger strikes are not a joke and one cannot repeatedly 'cry wolf'' on matters that have taken years of painstaking effort to take shape. There is time for further preparation. This will benefit public interest but there is simply no room left for another abortion or false alarm.

The powers-that-be better be prepared like me next time.

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