Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 158 of 2022


Today is Day 2 of a new beginning and if it all goes well - as always intended - we will reach the finishing line within a year.

Its a genuine early start today, even though I retired just after 0300hrs and couldn't sleep a wink until I got up at 0700hrs.


Earlier, in the earliest hour of today's date was posted the following on Facebook:

The embedding feature appears to have been restricted on Facebook, though one can go directly to the post from the hyperlink before the image above. Meanwhile, for those having difficulty reading the text in the image, here it is:

Photographing oneself drinking kahwa (green tea) as a monthly ritual for freedom, to build a world-wide coalition that ensures that no human being is forcibly bonded to another human, ideology or country. 

We - the inhabitants of Jammu Kashmir & Allied areas (JKA) - should pledge to the world that what we want for ourselves is not what we will deny to others, under any circumstances.






End of text....


It is important that we give as much attention to Gilgit Baltistan as possible. Whatever we feel in terms of slavery here in AJK can be multiplied many times over for the hapless aspiring citizens of what can be arguably described as the most strategic of regions in Jammu Kashmir & Allied areas (JKA).

Here are a couple of insights courtesy of the Twitter platform:

Translation of tweet:

Efforts to appropriate (dishonest seizure) land in a disputed territory have sped up while the government of Gilgit Baltistan and responsible institutions are silent.

In the historic and geographically strategic area of Ghizer - near the highest polo ground in the world - the Chitral Scouts have taken their construction to its final stages, in order to complete their occupation of the area .  

End of translation....

Another example of why governance and State structures must be by the locals and for the locals, otherwise responsibility cannot be defined and accountability cannot be executed:


Translation of tweet:

 Enmity towards Education is not Acceptable!

Due to absence of teachers the helpless children (supposed to be studying at) Government Middle School Upper Jaglot (in GB) have taken to the streets to demonstrate themselves!  

Will anybody come out to help these children?

End of translation....


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