Saturday, 18 June 2022

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 169 of 2022


Thankfully, we have achieved some respite over power outages since yesterday!

I can now begin concentrating on other immediate needs and concerns, all related to governance of course.


We decided to monitor the electricity supply again today (for the 4th day in a row) when we recognised it dropping again!

1205hrs: Electricity goes

1416hrs: Electricity returns

1641hrs: It departs again

1701hrs: It returns again

1801hrs: It goes again

1901hrs: It returns 

2342hrs: It departs once again

0000hrs: Monitoring ends....


- Thus, in 12 hours of monitoring between (1200hrs to 0000hrs/midnight) we received 491 minutes of 720 minutes possible. 

- That is, 8 hours and 11 minutes received out of 12 hours. 

Percentage of electricity received today: 68.2% (0% low voltage)

Percentage of electricity received yesterday: 80.9% (0 low voltage)

Day Before Yesterday: 20.1% of which 4% was low voltage

Day Before The Day Before Yesterday: 51.7% of which 11.5% was low voltage

Thus, we can bring the current electricity monitoring process to a close for now. At least, until the next such crisis re-emerges. We can give a (mean) average to the last 4 days of monitoring thus: 55.3%

It can be safely assumed that when we are hit with such crises in AJK, we are unlikely to receive much more than 12 hours of electricity in 24 hours a day. This is an example from Dadyaal, the richest subdivision (tehsil) in AJK and amongst the most affected by the building of the Mangla Reservoir in the 1960s. The situation in other parts of AJK becomes much bleaker, the poorer that subdivision is. 

It should also be remembered that the territory of AJK produces more than 10 times its own need, in terms of hydro powered electricity. This is but one prime example of how and why we are occupied by our Muslim neighbours to the west viz. Pakistan.


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