Saturday 3 February 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 34 of 2024


Getting sharper. The midnight anchor has stabilised into its third day. The gap has also been narrowed down to 8 hours. Just 2 hours short of the optimum level. Today, I got up at 0800hrs. The morning walk on an empty stomach is also a permanent feature.

Now, a lot has to be covered in a typical day and everything is done in sequence. 


There are an increasing number of reports that suggest our people could be provoked into violence on the 5th of February, as this has touched a raw nerve with our occupiers who have traditionally (since the early 1990's) used this date to promote fake solidarity with the people of the Valley of Kashmir in particular. Here is an example:


The above scenario is quite in contrast with the example of religious harmony as displayed below from somewhere in the Kashmir Valley, whereby a Muslim whilst praying outdoors is subject to hailstones, upon seeing this a Sikh takes an umbrella to protect the Muslim from the inclement weather whilst he continues to pray:


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