Saturday 10 February 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 41 of 2024


A bit sharper today. Got to sleep at the target time of midnight. Quite easily got up at 0800hrs, only 2 hours over the optimum level. Nevertheless, slipped back to bed after an hour and took another 2 hours of sleep.

41 days on into the new year - which will be a very eventful year in many respects - I'm still lagging behind. Much to worry about and little to present so far.


Some work is being done by our co-citizens to promote JKA PUBLIC AGENCY and particularly our daily Space on Twitter which is into its 515th Space this evening, almost uninterrupted since it began bar a mere 1 day's delay for episode 32, due to my own oversight:

Here's how it is being promoted:


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