Monday 1 April 2024

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 92 of 2024


Today's 24 hour cycle turned out to be another all-nighter. I eventually succumbed to age at 0600hrs but crucially got up by midday. My average sleep over the past 2 days has been 5 hours for each 24 hour cycle. I have room to increase that average by an hour a day.


Life is full of opportunities. Travel creates its own combustion.

Today can never be a good day to make announcements, with all its Gregorian history.

We may be in the 'East'  but this is from the vantage point of the 'West' as we spin.

Writing is an occupation that brings pride and solace to the soul. It should be used to carve and draw a better future as a modern tool with so much history.

Writing fulfills the right to breathes fire in you and it accompanies you like a river in your travels.


Our first daily financial statement of April 2024:


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