Saturday, 7 April 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 97 of 2018


AJK is yet incapable of negotiating peaceful public protest and dialogue on public policy. A 300km journey on foot by Mahmood Ahmed Musafir, armed with 3 donkeys, a camel and cart with a list of 32 pending issues in public interest, is being disregarded by the governing structure here.

Here's the precise moment from yesterday, when the local police on verbal orders from the Deputy Commissioner of Muzaffarabad, forcibly bundled Mahmood Sb into a police wagon and took him to Ambor Hospital. This was despite the Commissioner of Muzaffarabad earlier agreeing to Mahmood Sb staging his sit-in at an appropriate public spot near Kohalla. Thus, a subordinate officer over-ruled the decision of a superior officer. This is just one example of how dysfunctional this State is.


Meanwhile, here's a report in Urdu from outside AIMS Hospital in Ambor - Muzaffarabad today.

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