Sunday, 29 April 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 119 of 2018

Update: 2100hrs

Here's more footage from the 'revolutionary' camp in Rawalakot: I was asked to give my views on the arrest of 3 citizens for making a public announcement. You will find this interview of 3 minutes between 6: 20 and 9: 20 of the clip below:

Update: 1851hrs...
The local administration has just arrested 3 young political activists about half an hour ago, who were making a public announcement for a total closure of Rawalakot city tomorrow. So, the situation will become more tense as we edge closer to the 30th of April. Here's a live video broadcast from the camp yesterday in Urdu:


This is the eve of possibly the most important events in the 71 year history of AJK. I'm in Rawalakot since midday yesterday, where a sustained sit-in by local citizens against the 'unjustified' killing of Naeem Butt (shot on the 16th of March and succumbed to his injuries on the 21st) has been continuing outside the DC's (Deputy Commissioner - Poonch) office since the 19th of April.

The action committee 'Justice for Naeem Butt Shaheed Committee' has decided to paralyse public life throughout the district of Poonch tomorrow (30/04/18) in an effort to move towards a just resolution of this killing by AJK Police, whereby the AJK Government made a range of promises in the aftermath of Butt's death, none of which have been fulfilled. Here's Sardar Anwar giving a detailed description last night, of events over the past month or so:


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