Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 94 of 2018


It must be said that life that is devoted to public interest should be lived as efficiently as possible, where public utility is maximised. I still feel that I am at least 30% short of being efficient. Most notable in deficiencies is that I am not accurately reflecting the extent of my daily activity in writing on this blog.

There is also a notable deficiency on the part of our public, particularly those that are in the diaspora (especially developed countries). In terms of governance, they enjoy everything we lack here:

1) Economic opportunities
2) Protection of life, wealth and honour
3) Justice on merit

Despite that, only a miniscule amount provide any sort of financial assistance for those working in the field here in AJK. Those who have claimed political assylum in the developed world and don't contribute here (to what they were ostensibly persecuted for) are particularly culpable.

After a few days rest,  I'm venturing out again towards Muzaffarabad. I have been using £100 of charity money sent from the UK a couple of weeks ago to momentarily finance current public interest activity. I hope I can retrieve it (£100) from the public and get that charity to those citizens who it was aimed for.

In summary, our external enemies cannot damage our work as much as our internal friends. This is what I've learned in 13 years.

Let's hope for the sake of this forsaken territory, that this scenario changes......

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