Friday, 13 April 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 103 of 2018


Yes......another day in the field.

A creative activity:
The citizens of Kotli have performed a (symbolic) funeral prayer over the death of the State of #AJK in its current 71 year old incarnation.

What are we looking for in this 'second round' of Kotli to Muzaffarabad, while Mahmood Ahmed Musafir waits for his animals to be transported back to Kohalla?

1) For all citizens working for the State of AJK (local admin, judiciary and politicians) to make a conscious decision of whether they want to support public interest or the occupation.

2) For our citizens living throughout the United Kingdom to contact their MP in Britain and seek a written response to the letter addressed to their government. Furthermore, to seek their opinion on whether the contents of the letter can invoke a question/debate in the House of Commons.

3) That all citizens of AJK help us find volunteers to participate in this March to Muzaffarabad. We aim to mobilise at least 1,000 citizens on this journey before reaching Kohalla. These citizens should be willing to participate in a peaceful sit-in at Azaadi Chowk - Muzaffarabad, until the resolution of Mahmood Ahmed Musafir's 32 point public agenda.

Funeral prayers for the AJK Government:


For the historical record:



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