Saturday, 3 November 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 307 of 2018


It is very cold today in Dadyaal....icy winds have swept in from the North where many parts of AJK have seen their first day of snowfall.

So, out of the 3 'adversaries' mentioned yesterday, we've proved our edge over Pakistan in our own territory, once again. It will take us more time, tact, will power and resources to overcome the machinations of the UK and India. 

The road to salvation for the State of Jammu & Kashmir begins in AJK.

Here's an illustration:

The book stall that was disrupted in Abbaspur Festival 2 days ago, re-took its position yesterday and continued un-interrupted throughout the day. 

آج انتظامیہ کے لوگ دوبارہ آئے ہم دس لوگ سٹال پہ کھڑے تھے دور سے گزر گئے بھت کوشش کی لیکن ایک منٹ کے لیے بھی سٹال سے ہٹے نہیں عوام بھی جوش و خروش سے کتابیں خرید رہی دیکھتے اب کیا ھوتا۔ 

Here's a translation of the above sentence from Urdu:

The (local AJK government) administration did visit today, where 10 of us (civil society activists) were keeping guard. They (the administration) kept their distance and monitored from afar and it seemed that they were waiting for the crowds to subside or the civil society guards to filter away. That didn't happen and the public remained constantly active in purchasing books from the stall. Let's see what transpires....

End of translation...

The mood and sense of empowerment of local civil society in Abbaspur emboldened as the day progressed: 

ہم نے گلشن کے تحفظ کی قسم کھائی ھے انتظامیہ کے دھمکیاں بارش اور سردی کے باوجود مکمل پہرا دیا یاد رھے رات اچانک چھاپہ مار کے انتظامیہ نے سٹال بند کروا دیا تھا آج پھر لگایا اور مکمل۔پہرا دیا  انتظامیہ نے جن کتابوں کا لکھ کر بھیجا تھا کہ یہ اٹھاو ورنہ سٹال اٹھاو وہی کتابیں سہر فہرست رکھ کر سیل کی اور عوام کی کثیر تعداد نے خریدی۔


We've sworn to protect our 'garden of roses'. Despite threats from the administration (read Pakistani clandestine agencies operating via proxies in the local AJK admin/police) - never mind the rain and icy weather - we (civil society) kept a constant vigil (of the book stall). Don't forget that the admin had raided the stall and closed it down last night. We kept it open all day today under our protection. The very books that the admin had given us written instructions to take off public display and threatened to break up the stall if visible, were the very books we put most prominently in view for the public. The public purchased those very books in the highest quantity.

End of translation....    

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