Sunday, 4 November 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 308 of 2018


On the banks of what is described as Mangla Dam. Fishing for my share of the national treasure.

Sardar Khalid Ibrahim is no more with us. From 1948 to 2018 he was almost always available to meet, to have a friendly and informative discussion.

For him to be not available any longer, is a loss many of us will regret. Me certainly, I had been preparing for a meeting with him for over a year now, on a consensus building measure in AJK.

I spent the summer in his home city of Rawalakot. Yet, I didn't make the effort. Deep down I felt the time wasn't right. That I would meet him after the publication of my extended version of the Citizen Public Opinion Survey Report.

Alas...I will live to regret my decision. I needed him for his un-paralled opinion and advice.

He was always very humble about his stature but very bold and frank on giving his opinion.

In 2009, at his home in Islamabad, Pakistan he was a lively and engaging host. He felt the history made by his father would pave the way for other people to make history too.

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