Saturday, 17 November 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 321 of 2018


The Demand and Supply of Self-Determination for AJK

The will of the people has to have a demand/supply diagram.

It's not about what you're entitled to, it's about what you do to attain your title. 

Self-determination (SD) is a verb, like fighting or struggling.

The diagram would be what we're entitled to (demand) compared to what we're doing (supply) to attain it.

If there is a demand, then there must be a supply.

We are the ones doing the demanding, yet are short on supply.

Qila Karjai - Khuiratta AJK 2012


Meanwhile, the Shahid Afridi suggestion for India and Pakistan to militarily vacate the State of Jammu & Kashmir, was met with contempt and accusations of 'traitor' by some politicians of AJK. In other words, politicians who have been 'mandated' by the public of AJK to represent the public of AJK, are accusing a Pakistani citizen of mutinying against the Pakistani State. For what they perceive to be a betrayal of Pakistan's claim on the State of J & K.

Bizarre: The politicians of AJK are representing the aspirations of the Pakistani State while a Pakistani sportsman is being victimised for supporting the aspirations of the actual owners of the State of J & K.

In this Urdu news item, Quayyum Raja is advising the 'power hungry' to flock over to Islamabad and Delhi to sweep the floors there.


The 'authorities' in Gilgit Baltistan (GB) are upping the ante against 'construction of civil society links between AJK and GB'.

Maulana Sultan Raees, leader of Awami Action Committee (AAC) was arrested earlier today, while in court for a hearing on an 8 year old case and shifted to Central Jail, Gilgit.

Image borrowed from
Maulana Sultan Raees under arrest at Court in Gilgit


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