Thursday, 15 November 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 319 of 2018


Shahid Afridi didn't just upstage Raja Farooq Haider in the power corridors of London....his 'hit' comment gave the people of Jammu & Kashmir a seemingly unassailable lead in the subtle propaganda war over this territory.

Then, the infamous big-hitter on the cricket field was run out!

As clear a forced retraction as any I can think of.

Here's a link to the full clip and context of the question he was responding to:

Both India and Pakistan - in some shape or form - condemned Shahid Afridi's suggestion for Kashmir to be left alone as an independent country. Here's a good analysis - in Urdu - by our very own Shams Rehman:

Remember, Shams is the independent researcher who upstaged Lord Nazir in Ireland last month. On this occasion, Shahid Afridi upstaged the AJK prime minister Raja Farooq Haider. What the latter should've been lobbying to explain to one set of British parliamentarians, a Pakistani cricketer decided to do to a different set of British parliamentarians. 

The AJK politician seemed meek and almost unsure to his audience. The Pakistani sportsman was bold and clear to his.  

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