Monday, 5 November 2018

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 309 of 2018


In pursuit of a fitness regime and level that counter-balances the mental exertion required in processing and creating information.

Left Mirpur with my reborn bicycle at 1500hrs...pedalling all the way around the Mangla Dam to Dadyaal was my initial target.

Guess where?

Reached Mawa at just past 1900hrs. It was now dark, cold and I was exhausted. 40 kilometres in about 4 hours wasn't bad considering I haven't ridden a bicycle for over 6 years. I am not going to capture Rome in one day I thought. Dadyaal was still another 25 odd kilometres away. So, I jumped into a Dadyaal-bound coaster as it approached. The local fruit and vegetable vendor was exemplary in his hospitality of keeping me company and ensuring that I got on the right vehicle to get me home.

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