Friday, 1 March 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 60 of 2019

1930hrs: Update from Tattapani (Kotli)
2 people are feared injured in continued cross-LOC firing


We're still waiting for India and Pakistan to comprehensively defeat each other.....then we can get back to resuming some serious work for peace.

We have suffered further casualties in AJK, yesterday and possibly more today. I'm still waiting for confirmation of details.

Meanwhile, the aerial dog-fight in Jammu & Kashmir on the 27th of February (Day 58 of 2019) - barely 2 days ago - has received much attention. Senior Indian journalist Shekhar Gupta added further suspense yesterday evening. Details of exactly what happened that day are still far from clear, as all facts are not tallying:

According to Shekhar's information, the Indians are adamant that only 1 of their MiG-21s was shot down - not 2 - while they are also certain that a Pakistani F-16 was downed by an Indian MiG-21, which fell on the Pakistani controlled side they say. This doesn't tally with the MiG-21 that fell in Budgaam but it could help us in identifying the other pilot, which after all could've been the Pakistani F-16 pilot. Later, his name has even emerged as WC Shahzad.

However, Mr. Gupta was spot-on about military secrecy becoming a remnant of the past, in this digital age. However, we now have the increasing dilemma of countering fake or misleading news.

So we may need to further un-clutter the clutter.....

1949hrs: Update from Trarkhel
The sound of heavy shelling can be heard from the direction of Hajeera, for the past 3 hours.

2003hrs: Update from Kotli
Tattapani: 23 yeard old Asjad Akbar of Dhana has been injured from incessant cross-LOC firing/shelling.
- Cross-firing and mortar shelling in Kotli and Khuiratta too.

2007hrs: Update from Nikyaal
Near Kot - Old Eidgaah, a missile has hit a house where 3 people are feared dead and a further 2 injured. Heavy artillery is being used.
- 1 of them is thought to be 80 year old Nazir Ahmed of Dheri, Nikyaal.
- Indian mortar shells have reached Nikyaal bazaar in the past hour. One shell landed just near a petrol pump, windows in buildings have shattered too.
- The areas of Dabsi, Lanjot, Mohra, Dheri Dathote, Palaani, Peer Kalanjar and Tarkhundi are directly in the line of fire.
- It is reported that an Indian missile hit Paraawa Chowk in the centre of Nikyaal bazaar where 19 year old Sudheer Qureshi s/o Sai Qureshi of Hattian Bala was killed on the spot.

2239hrs: Update from Poonch  (on the Indian-controlled side)
- It has been reported that 3 civilians of the same family in Solatri village near Chakkan Da Bagh in Poonch district have been killed.
1) Rubina Kauser (Mother) - 32 years old
2) Faizan (Son) - 5 years old
3) Shabnam (Daughter) - 9 months old

Update from (throughout) AJK:
- Other reports indicate heavy cross-fire and shelling over the past hour near Tithrinote, Tattapani, Nikyaal, Kotli, Khuiratta, Hajeera, Neza Peer, Chowki and Smaahni.
- 7 people reported dead and over 25 seriously injured.

2245hrs: Update from Poonch and Kotli Sectors (on this side)
- 4 killed and 27 injured in various locations in Poonch, Battal, Tattapani, Thithrinote, Darra Sher Khan, Nikyaal and Abbaspur.
- Heavy shelling continues at Digwar (in Abbaspur this side) and Krishna Ghatti (in Poonch on that side)

2315hrs: Update from Haveli
Heavy cross-fire reported from here too.

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