Thursday, 14 March 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 73 of 2019


Just for the record, the following paragraphs were inexplicably omitted from the end of the article cited above:

Some aspects need dedicated attention in their own right. 

I'll just list a few for future engagement:

1) Water Resource Management
2) Security vis a vis China
3) The 360 degree geography of J & K, old silk routes and connectivity in Asia

I’ll finish with an attempt to deal with an oft-cited apprehension that the Indian government would not be keen to allow His Excellency Dr. Karan Singh to visit AJK. We feel that he is our most precious asset and reconciliation without him would be very difficult, not least because he’s an erudite thinker and a living witness to everything that has transpired since the end of the Dogra Raj. 

In my communication with him in 2008, he suggested a few measures to me. I am also privy to a few discussions he had with some of our key historical figures in AJK. I have completed those measures and would be eager to invite him here.

Actual end of article......

Let's return to the Kashmir Valley for a moment. This short video clip tells a thousand stories:


Returning to AJK but remaining adjacent to the Koshur Valley:

Translation of tweet:

The public of the Neelam Valley are losing their patience over the internet blockade in their region. Protests have begun....

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