Friday, 15 March 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 74 of 2019


Should there not be a distinction between pro life and an anti life approach to society?

In one corner of the world somebody engages on a killing spree of innocent humans in their places of worship and the world takes immediate notice.

In another corner, some people wake up determined to continue their struggle of building bridges between a society driven apart by a man made disaster decades ago. Not many people notice.

An anti-life approach in the context of AJK:

- 99% of society is corrupt.  
- You're wasting your time expecting them to respond to humanity.
- Our neighbouring State is a beacon of light for the world and we can't exist without them.

It takes years for pro life activities to gain traction here.....all that is achieved can be destroyed by a single anti-life activity.


It has been reported that roughly 30 student political workers of JKNSF (Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation) along with their central president were arrested in Rawalpindi at around 1900hrs for holding a convention in the city. They are being detained in Raja Bazaar police station.

Earlier in the day, I had received reports that the Pakistani authorities had refused permission for the student organisation to hold their regional convention, on the grounds that they were "Anti-Pakistan".

It is understood that expressing the aspiration for an independent Kashmir more often than not, invokes allegations of treachery from the defenders of Pakistan's narrative on Kashmir. Various citizens in AJK consider these obstructions of peaceful expression to be an attempt to drive our youth towards violence. 


The traditionally lively citizens of Hajeera also took to the streets today to protest against the continuing internet blockade in their region. Just like the citizens of the Neelam Valley yesterday, they made it clear that their patience was wearing out. A deadline of two days was given to the AJK authorities (read Pakistani-administered authorities) to restore their connectivity.

During their procession and on approach to the Assistant Commissioner's office, they also demanded better medical facilities at the tehsil (subdivisional) hospital which lacked medicine, doctors and other medical staff. Students who rely on online facilities had to travel hours away to the larger cities of Rawalakot or Kotli to fulfil their educational needs. In addition, the public felt they were being economically strangulated by the conflict and its associated restrictions. 


  1. Pakistan is against the national independence of Jammu Kashmir & even not acknowledging our right of national freedom. Pakistan must learn lesson from resistance movements in IOK. We JK citizens will never compromise our national independence.

  2. Many thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts.


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