Saturday, 9 March 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 68 of 2019


I thought I'd just update the world on my quantitative performance in daily blogging, for whatever it's worth:

2019 (so far): 89.7% (61 days of 68 so far)
2018: 69.9% (255 days of 365)

From starting this blog on May the 29th 2008 till the 31st of December 2017 elapsed 3,502 days; during which I posted only 149 times. That gives us an accumulated average of 4.3%.

Does a jump from less than 5% in almost a decade to a swing of almost 90% in just over a year signify anything?

Of course.

First of all, that I spent a lot of time in the field, on the ground or what I would like to describe as public space. Research and activism outside with our people leaves very little time to organise and categorise data collected.

I have begun to spend more time inside to concentrate on making sense of my data and making the publicly significant aspects of it easily available, in the following categories of:

1) Opinion
2) Economy
3) Human Rights
4) History (1820-2020)

How much I'll be able to accomplish doing is difficult to say. If I can somehow distinguish between what needs to be online and what can remain offline, that would help others complete anything that remains.

I have tried to link all my publicly accessible work here on this blog and am working hard to ensure that all information is up to date before I publish Public Opinion Survey Report 2.0 .

We all have much to juggle in life. I hope I can make as many useful choices in public interest as possible.

I only became aware of this conversation today. On its panel, it had a UK citizen moderating accompanied by one citizen of each of the following countries: India, Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan.

At around 40 minutes into the video, is perhaps the most notable part of the discussion wherein the Jammu & Kashmir representative talks about resolution as a set of processes, which include awkward but important aspects such as narrative bridging. I'm heartened that my thinking on the ground here is echoing somewhat in the academic corridors of London. I've never met her or even directly communicated with her, which makes me appreciate her analysis all the more.


As intimated before, there's a slickness about twitter that probably isn't available on any other social media platform:


Today was also perhaps the day when the White Flag Movement of AJK reached the streets of the UK. Leeds to be precise:


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