Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 78 of 2019


JKNSF through their representative Faran Mushtaq send a strong message to the Pakistani occupiers of Jammu & Kashmir, in Rawalakot a while ago: 

Earlier today, some of the 30 captives of the Pakistani State were released. Some are still in unknown locations including their former president Sardar Talha Advocate, who it is reported was shifted from Waah Cantonment police station:

Now, take a note of this tweet:

Translated thus:

This is Imran Khan Sahaab in a JKNSF convention in Rawalakot in 2001. During his adddress he announced his support for an independent Kashmir.

(He further explained) that when PTI will come into government, justice will be done with you. No nation can be kept as slaves.


Here's yet another example of how our children's education is neglected in AJK:

Translated thus:

Are these not our children? 

Almost buried in the lap of snow, a picture of helplessness are these children. Situated barely an hour and a half's drive away from Muzaffarabad, in the Union Council of Panjgraan is the village of Chamba where this government middle school is. Hereby is an appeal to everybody to help in constructing a building (for the school).   


Now this is an article published on Yale Global Online that is right down my street as a public policy activist:

Why Governments Count People


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