Sunday, 3 March 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 62 of 2019


The white flag in AJK is responding to regional military aggression with thoughtful vengeance:

Its been a wet and cold day today. Enough chill to quieten the guns of our neighbours it seems. The day after a night of rage, costing us innocent lives and much else yet again.

After all, this cartoon depicts how a lot of us feel:

Source: Whatsapp

1530hrs: Update from Pakistan's capital - Islamabad

12 Members of JKSLF and JKNSF were arrested outside Islamabad Press Club for protesting against cross LOC killings in their (own) territory (of J & K) and detained at Margalla (Some reports cite Kohsar) Police Station. Amongst those detained were Sardar Talha, Waqas Manzoor and Irfan Qayoom.

This led to a protest for their release outside Rawalpindi Press Club in the adjoining city:

They were released after 2 hours....

Earlier today, I received the following video which sickened my perception of the Pakistani State even further than it had ever in the past:

Baba Jaan has been a prisoner of conscience for almost 8 years now. Citizens of AJK have been prevented from meeting him, despite travelling over 24 hours to reach his prison. Yet, when he wants to say something in solidarity with Pakistan over their 'war' with India, local media is facilitated to interview him in custody. The Pakistani flag and patriotic musical theme which drowns out the words of Baba Jaan and his interviewer is what sickens me in particular.

Fight peacefully for the genuine rights of your people and they declare you a traitor to their country, for trying to disrupt Chinese business with Pakistan (via Gilgit Baltistan). This while they describe your land to the world as a disputed territory waiting for a plebiscite to ascertain the local people's will. They then lock you and other peaceful protestors up, sentencing you to 40 years in prison for your genuine patriotism (to your own land).

However, even if you pretend to show solidarity with them, they remove all obstacles in your path. You can be as corrupt as you want, as long as you tow the Pakistani narrative.

I would consider this tactic to be a major reason for Pakistan's failure as a nation State. Not least because merit has no space in such system of governance, whereas hypocrisy has all the space it needs to flourish.

Good luck - Pakistan.   

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