Monday, 4 March 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 63 of 2019


Now, having read through the above article, it transpires that the Urdu text of the tweet is actually a quote of Maqbool Bhat. Here's the translation:

The solution of the Kashmir issue can only be arrived at through dialogue & consensus and if we were to invite somebody to come and fight our war, we would only be damaging ourselves.

Remember that the war just requires constant struggle and (meaningful) discussion because we are a dignified and independent nation (from a historical perspective).

End of translation....

The article referenced above ends with a very appropriate couplet.


Khwaisho se nahi girtey phal joli me             
Waqt ki shaakh ko mere dost hilaana hoga     
Kuch nahi hoga andherey ko bura kehne se 
Apney hissey ka diya khud hi jalaana hoga   

English translation:

Not by (mere) desire does fruit fall into the lap
The branch of time my friend has to be shaken
Nothing will emerge by (just) criticising darkness
A share of the flame must be lit by us too

Now, the prime minister in the closest neighbouring country to us, has suddenly got my serious attention. I wonder if I'll get a response to this retweet. After all, I've waited many years for Pakistan to walk the walk. So much so that I've even created a twitter hashtag for it: #PakWalkDTalk
Now, on the surface the above tweet sounds magnanimous but let's not forget what happened to Shahid Afridi when he spoke in favour of Kashmir's independence, barely 3 months ago.

On this very day, Al Jazeera puts some spotlight on AJK - first web text feature ever to my knowledge - with this suggestive title: In Pakistan-administered Kashmir, a shrinking pro-freedom space

I particularly liked the following quote from it:

Tariq Farooq, a senior minister in the AJK government, concurred with that view.

"Anybody can do anything, claim anything, discuss anything in this area. In our government, everybody has full fundamental rights to speak anything which is related with human rights," he told Al Jazeera in the AJK capital, Muzaffarabad.

Asked if that freedom extended to parties advocating for Pakistani forces to leave Kashmir, he said: "They can't say that".

End of quote:

I also gave my feedback to Al Jazeera in the following manner:

Many thanks for giving some attention to AJK. I would strongly suggest doing a similar piece on Gilgit Baltistan, if possible.

Ultimately, ditto for Jammu & Ladakh too. In that way, a global reader can get a rough idea of the various internal public narratives existing in the erstwhile princely State of Jammu & Kashmir.

I appreciate you reading this

Tanveer Ahmed

- An independent researcher on AJK

End of feedback....


The following conversation adds even more intellectual nourishment to the concept of an internal political process, which I will now write about tomorrow. Meanwhile, this footage is from yesterday:


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