Thursday, 1 August 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 213 of 2019


Last night I tried hard for a couple of hours to post an entry for Day 212 of 2019 but.....the connection was so weak that it wasn't to be.

At this point, I would like to continue narrating my experience at Sharda police station (ref. Day 211 of 2019) as we entered the following day, which was yesterday:

I am duly released the next day in the early afternoon (after 20 or so hours of 'preventive detention') after the AC (Assistant Commissioner) visits me. I want to proceed South to Athmaqam and complete my search for 10 public activists, file an extensive report on happenings here in Sharda and elsewhere before returning to Sharda to complete my mission to spend a night at Sharda Peeth.

On return to Sharda bazaar, I notice that the white flag fixed on the rear of my vehicle has been broken off. It doesn't take me long to arrange for a cloth vendor to donate me a piece of white cloth and a tailor to sew it together, ready to fit onto a spare bamboo stick that I had lying in my boot.

The roving Nasir Shah (local Pakistani agency operative) conveniently (for him) meets me in the bazaar as I'm doing some errands before my departure for Athmaqam and twists the conversation towards my family again. This time, he inquired of my elder son in the UK and what he was doing. This question also infuriated me like the ones yesterday (on the 30th in fact) but on this occasion I concealed my emotions. I didn't want my anger to get the better of me whereby I may have laid a punch or two on his face. I constantly reminded myself that I am a peaceful activist who is committed to a peaceful resolution of my territory's predicament. Reality as well as perception should reflect this stance.


There was further conflagration on the LOC yesterday, though not as intense as the day before. Nevertheless, for the aspiring citizens of Jammu & Kashmir the outcome is usually similar:


So, the following should make sense to the rest of the world:


This looks like an old 1980's computer game but its effects on our population - on either side of the LOC - are devastating:


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