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Daily Diary (DD) - Day 231 of 2019


There is what I would describe as a virus doing the rounds in AJK ever since India's seemingly unilateral action to chop up Article 370 of its constitution, exactly 14 days ago.

The Pakistanis are on a charm offensive. Here are 2 examples:

Exhibit 1: (recieved via Whatsapp on August the 11th)

I have received the following message containing a political solution on present state of changed Kashmir Status from another friend. The Political Solution has been put forth by a former Brigadier (in the Pakistani army) namely Mr. Imtiaz Malik as under:


India has made a political move, not a military one, therefore, our answer (while out of box), must also be of political nature and unsettling enough for India.

1. We can unilaterally call off Shimla Accord since India has integrated a territory declared disputed in that accord. This would change the status of Line of Control back to Cease Fire Line. It would also deny India an opportunity to tell others that India-Pakistan has a bilateral accord to settle disputes like Kashmir.

2. Even more daring step can be to ask Azad Jummu & Kashmir Government to declare independence of entire State of J&K. Act as a 'government in absentia' for Indian occupied part as well. Apply for membership of the UN and OIC, where Pakistan should strongly support its membership. India did same with us in 1971, when it supported Bangladesh government in exile. This step alone would change the entire equation. Domestically all people of valley will be energized and get united. At international level, the nature of dispute would change from Territorial issue between two states to that of self rule of Kasmiris. Security council resolutions which are dormant , will now become most relevant.

3. The new independent State of Azad J&K can still keep defence pact with Pakistan to defend it against Indian aggression, if any.

4. As soon as Azad J&K get the UN membership, it can also invoke International Court of Justice to declare instrument of accession being void as that accord as well as Contitutional agreement made by the past governments with Indian Union has been violated by India, and that would make Indian occupation illegal.

He thinks it a very befitting and effective proposition. All segments of proposal are very cogent, in fitness of things considering 7 decades of Indian treacherous conduct regarding Kashmir. It seems like an opportunity as we had in 1962 which we failed to materialize. Proposals must be propagated in all forums so that enough analytical and critical aspects surface.

 Please share in your networks for wider discussions and building a more pragmatic approach for diplomatic campaign.

End of x. Brigadier's proposal....

My initial response:

Sounds like a similar suggestion of the 1980s which was bought hook, line and sinker by the JKLF and others....we don't want to repeat that. All Pakistan has to do is keep its mouth shut and slowly begin demilitarisation from AJK. They have been given a direction since 2012. They need to follow that.

Exhibit 2:

This is Professor Doctor Mehdi Hassan who is described as a leading intellectual of Pakistan; being interviewed for his opinion on the current scenario:

This was my immediate response:

I think the old gentleman is terribly misguided and contradictory. He talks of avoiding a territorial dispute but gives suggestions based on a territorial dispute. He is suggesting that Pakistan should allow AJK to be a sovereign State but follow the agenda given by Pakistan.

This is legerdemain once again!

Now, it should be clear that we in AJK are in no mood to allow Pakistan to pull the wool over our eyes yet again. It needs to demilitarise in phases as suggested in the internal political process. We don't need a defence pact with them, we need a defence pact with the whole world! Our destination is that of a neutral territory and thus we cannot engage in pacts or agreements which align us in any way to any country in particular. The Pakistanis must understand that their interference in J & K is a large part of the problem and thus, the less they interfere the more progress we can make towards a solution. 

This is a battle for fundamental rights, dignity and identity. All countries involved in J & K should understand that. Our battle is legal, peaceful and democratic. We must tackle our obstacles bit by bit, getting Pakistan to demilitarise will pave the way for Indian demilitarisation. That in turn will enable us to tackle Chinese presence in our territory.

The energy, resources and mindset needed for Chinese eviction is more than that needed to evict India. Likewise, the energy, resources and mindset needed to evict India is more than that needed to evict Pakistan.

If we can't evict our Muslim neighbours who are at the bottom of the power equation in this complex puzzle and who claim to speak on our behalf, how on earth are we going to evict larger powers who show no such sympathy or inclination?

We must be clear about our objectives and the world must be clear about our utility as a neutral entity in Asia. The precedent of Switzerland is already available in Europe and has been since 1515. For us, 2020 is just around the corner!


While en route to public interest work this afternoon, I happened to come across this activity at the main thoroughfare. Was this a coincidence or was this done purposefully on my approach. Well, an Indian flag doesn't get created suddenly and neither are they in supply in AJK. However, as I'm not clear who is behind this and there is some choreographed aspect to this act, I am beginning to wonder!


A polite reminder:


So it is now likely that the UK may not just be divided on Brexit, Jammu & Kashmir could also become contentious between the Conservatives and Labour:


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