Friday, 9 August 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 221 of 2019


There are times when one has much to do and so little time to accomplish it in. If these tasks were merely mechanical in nature then it wouldn't be so much of a challenge. However, these are painstaking tasks which involve sifting through a lot of data and analysing it before writing up something contextual and meaningful about it. On top of that, it will most likely require translation into Urdu at some stage.


I felt the following programme on Al Jazeera was so provocatively entitled that I had to watch it and comment on it too. Suffice to say that, watching Indians and Pakistanis wrangling with each other over a territory that belongs to neither of them and furthermore, making us - the local inhabitants - suffer for their follies is no longer digestible.

Here's the comment that I made:

I think this is a provocative title and by giving Pakistan importance in this conflict, we are doing so at the expense of - drowning out the voices of - the local inhabitants of Jammu & Kashmir. 

There is nothing that Pakistan can bring to the table apart from more confusion under which is masked its own grandiose selfish delusions and further religious hatred on top of the Hindutva mindset that the people of Kashmir have been laid siege under. 

Pakistan needs to vacate J & K and leave the local inhabitants to engage in a peaceful, legal and democratic fight against the hubris of the Indian State.


Here's a thoughtful message from the AJK diaspora in the UK, for India:

The above excerpt has been taken from a longer article entitled, 'Protected: Contextualising prejudice within its social and political settings; the phenomenon of “othering” '

It can be accessed here:

Here's a critical update from the heart of Srinagar today, by BBC Urdu:


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