Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Daily Diary (DD) - Day 233 of 2019


We understand that the first ever British Kashmiri protest took place in Glasgow, Scotland - 1962:


Day 17 it is of an unprecedented lockdown in modern human history. There are no signs of normalcy returning anytime soon in the Valley of Kashmir:


Although the following is purely a propaganda video, it has gone viral in AJK and elsewhere:

Such has been its impact that I feel compelled to translate someone's comment on FB, which provides some sort of local (internal to AJK) context:

Mirpur is a piece of heaven on earth (Indian channel)

- Our neighbours (Pakistanis) drowned the people of Mirpur in water twice. 

- Vehicles with number plates of Mirpur are looted as soon as they cross Dina (nearest Pakistani city to Mirpur), as if it were a noble religious deed. 

- It has always been exclaimed that "What is there in Mirpur but rocks (and pebbles)?"

- Today, our enemy country viz. India has described Mirpur as Paris, a piece of heaven on earth and there is uproar in every direction.

- Since yesterday, this video has been sent to me over a hundred times (by different people) via my Whatsapp inbox.

- If only those living around us were to think likewise. 

- There are countless TV channels who conduct programmes with such stupid people as Maryam Aurangzeb and donkeys such as Talal Choudary, in their studios round the clock (day and night).       

- If only one such programme like the Indian channel which highlighted the beauty and simplicity of Mirpuris were to be conducted.

- Regret upon regret is our refrain....

End of translated FB comment.......


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